Roses In My Garden

Roses are one of the most popular garden plants and should not be missing in any garden. Their full, large flowers make them a special beauty. It is not for nothing that she is the unmatched queen of flowers. Proper planting is the prerequisite that the plant can unfold its full splendor and remains healthy.

What are Roses

The roses (Rosa) are the eponymous plant genus of the rose family (Rosaceae). Depending on the author’s opinion, the genus comprises 100 to 250 species. Due to their typical characteristics, spines, rose hips and unpaired pinnate leaves form a very well-defined genus. They are shrubs with mostly showy five-petal flowers. Most species are only found in the Holarctic.

A gardening distinction is made between wild roses and cultivated roses. The rose has been known as the “Queen of Flowers” since ancient Greece. Roses have been grown as ornamental plants for more than 2000 years. The rose oil obtained from the petals is an important raw material in the perfume industry.

Where to plant Roses

Almost all roses prefer a sunny, airy location. Some varieties also feel good in partially shaded places, shadows, however, cannot tolerate roses.

What soil is best for Roses

Choose a deep, loose, permeable and nutrient-rich soil for your roses. Loamy soil is particularly appealing to roses, but they also grow in any normal garden floor.

Why shouldn’t you put roses in a location where there were roses before?

There should have been no roses at the chosen location before, or there should be at least five years between two rose plantations since the successor plant threatens to wither due to the onset of soil fatigue. Alternatively, you can also change the soil.

How can the soil be improved before planting?

Before planting, the soil is dug deep and the upper layer of the soil is improved with compost or other humus substances (plant or rose soil). However, if the soil is very heavy, it can be loosened by adding quartz sand.

When is the best time to plant roses?

The best time to plant is from the end of October to November. If the ground is open and the weather is mild, you can still plant the roses in December. The second best date is spring as soon as the soil has dried. In contrast, roses in containers can be planted almost all year round.

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What is the best way to plant roses?

Grafted rose varieties such as precious roses and floribunda roses are planted so deep that the grafting point, which can be seen as a thickening on the root neck, is then about five centimeters below the surface of the soil. Deeper planting is not positive for development. If the finishing point protrudes from the top, frost damage can easily occur.

How are roses prepared for planting?

Before planting, both bare-rooted and container roses should be placed in a bucket of water overnight so that the roots can soak up water. Bare root roses should also be pruned at the roots by removing injured or bruised roots. The roots of container roses, on the other hand, are not pruned, but only loosened.

Which planting distance is optimal for roses?

Low bed roses are planted about six to eight per square meter. A distance of 35 to 40 centimeters is sufficient, for more vigorous varieties up to 50 centimeters (i.e. three to five pieces per square meter). In the case of shrub roses, on the other hand, the distance should be between one and two meters. However, if these are to be planted as rose hedges, then the individual plants should not be more than 50 to 60 centimeters apart. For climbing roses on walls, however, a planting distance of three to four meters is recommended; a fence of about two meters is usually sufficient along a fence that is to become a dense, blooming rose wall.

Can you also cultivate roses in a pot?

Many types of roses are very suitable for a pot culture, especially the bushy, small-flowered garden, dwarf or patio roses. These roses usually thrive well in tubs if they are watered and fertilized regularly – they need plenty of water and nutrients, otherwise they will soon suffer.

What is the best way to multiply roses?

How an older rose tree can be propagated depends on its root authenticity. True-to-root roses can usually be propagated very vegetatively, but usually only grafted by grafting or grafting. Propagation by sowing is usually only possible with wild roses.

Which planting partners harmonize particularly well with roses?

In a rose garden, the fragrant, white-flowered gypsophila (Gypsophila) is particularly effective. It also looks very nice if you plant the roses a little further apart in a larger bed and sow the annual white stone herb (Lobularia maritima) in between, or add various blue-flowering perennials such as catnip, fine jet and delphinium to the roses as partners.