Where Are Ticks In Winter?

Where Are Ticks In Winter

With the onset of winters, you might plan to set your dog free and play out in the winter without any tick guards. You’re mistaken here; ticks are active even in the winter season. It might be a golden opportunity for the ticks out there to latch on your dog and cause a variety of … Read more

Natural Mosquito Control – Keep Your Yard Mosquito Free

mosquito control

Mosquitoes occur in almost all countries. They appear in tropical areas all year round, in temperate climates only when the temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Wherever it is damp and there are enough breeding grounds, they can become a real nuisance. Some mosquitos carry diseases and can spread potentially dangerous diseases like Zika and … Read more

Natural Way To Get Rid Of Weeds

natural way to kill weeds

Weeds are the bane of every garden. When the first plants grow in the spring, unwanted weeds pop up too everywhere. But it doesn’t need strong chemicals right away, just to tackle a few weeds like chickweed, bittercress or spotted spurge,  with homemade weed killers and a few tricks, you can fight them just as … Read more

Rid Your Yard of Ticks – Organic Tick Control

tick fee yard, get rid of ticks

The April Showers bring May flowers which are welcome after the winter months, but this is the time of year when people should be looking for another less than pleasant herald. With the increasing temperatures, the ticks wake up too. The bite of these small, resistant parasites can transmit the bacterial infection that causes Lyme … Read more

How to Plant A Tree

tree planting

Every planted tree helps to protect the global climate. But there are many other good reasons to plant a tree. Trees are our livelihood and made us what we are, we come from the forest, they beautify your own garden and give you a rich harvest of fruits or nuts in autumn. They serve as … Read more

How To Attract Birds To Your Garden

attract birds to your garden

What can you do to attract birds to your garden? The most important thing for birds to feel comfortable is a natural garden with native plants. A naturally designed garden looks much more alive and inviting than an accurately trimmed uniform green. Birds appreciate the wild and romantic flair and happily visit a living garden. … Read more

Beneficial Organisms in the Organic Garden

Dragonfly Beneficial Organisms

If you’re into organic gardening, you’re probably well aware of the plethora of beneficial insects, microbes, and nematodes out there that will happily help you protect your plants from the damaging 2% or so of the insect world. We don’t want to repeat stuff you’ve read a hundred times, so we thought we’d provide a … Read more

What Is The Plant Hardiness Zone?


USDA climate zones, or precise USDA Plant Hardiness Zones, is a climate classification of areas based on the average lowest annual temperature that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published. Classification The zones range from 1 (from −60 ° F, approx. –51.1 ° C) for polar regions to 13 (up to 70 ° F, … Read more


leafs in autumn

Autumn is one of the four meteorological and astronomical seasons is the season between summer and winter. In the temperate zones, it is the time of harvest and falling leaves. In the autumn of the northern hemisphere, the sun appears to move from the equator to the southern tropic. When is Autumn Autumn starts astronomically … Read more


sunflower summer

Summer is the warmest of the four seasons in the subtropical, temperate, cold and arctic climates. Depending on whether it currently prevails in the northern or southern hemisphere, one speaks of northern or southern summer. The northern summer takes place simultaneously with the southern winter. cause of summer The seasons occur because the earth’s rotation … Read more